Clanjor Prods.

What is Clanjor Prods.?

Clanjor Prods. = Clanjor Productions
Here are some of my works, and my information.
This is my homepage.


I'm Giumo Clanjor, living in Hangzhou, China.

About My Names

I have a lot of name, in different languages.
My English name is Giumo Clanjor (cjxgm), you can call me Giumo. My Chinese name is 兰威举。I'm a Chinese. And, my Japanese name is ドラび猫, pronunces as "do ra bi ne ko". It translates to "哆啦比猫" in Chinese.

Where there is a hacker, there is art.

I am a hacker, a composer and a somewhat artist.
I'm a fan of Doraemon.
I'm using Arch Linux.


The source code of the webpage is licensed under GPLv2.
The content of the webpage is licensed under CC-BY 3.0.


Most of them are on SoundCloud.

Under Construction

Video Projects

  • CjOAPClanjor Open Art Project

Under Construction

My Github Page

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  • lanos: An operating system written by me.
  • brainsuck: A C-style language that translates to brainfuck.
  • ipuA procedural image synthesizer.
  • repulseA PC Speaker music tracker.

More on my GitHub!

Under Construction